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The purpose of this wiki is to list common anglicisms used in French, such as "le parking". For a discussion of anglicisms in both French and Spanish, please see this excellent article by Christopher Rollason: Language Borrowings in a Context of Unequal Systems: Anglicisms in French and Spanish

Inspired by another user, I am adding a list of French words that sound English but have actually been created by the French themselves.

I would like to keep the anglicisms in alphabetical order, so please try to make sure your edits are in the right place, thanks.

Anglicisms List Modifier

  • un babysitter/le babysitting
  • les baskets (tennis shoes, sneakers)
  • le best of
  • un black (African-American person)
  • le bodybuilding
  • le boss
  • le book (portfolio for actor/model)
  • le bowling
  • le brainstorming
  • le brushing (blowdry)
  • un cake
  • un cast/le casting
  • le chewing gum
  • le catch (wrestling)
  • le comeback
  • cool
  • design (well-designed)
  • le fair play
  • fashion (trendy)
  • un fitness club
  • un flashback
  • un flipper pinball machine/game
  • flirter (to flirt)
  • un gentleman
  • un hamburger
  • un hold up (sports context, come-from-behind victory)
  • un hot dog
  • un job
  • un leader (political context)
  • un lifting (facelift)
  • light (fewer calories)
  • le look
  • le making of
  • le marketing
  • un muffin
  • non-stop
  • overbooké/overbouqué
  • un parking
  • une party girl
  • les people or pipole (celebrities)
  • un planning (schedule)
  • le play-back (lip-syncing)
  • le pressing (dry cleaners)
  • un pull/un pullover
  • un relax (lounge chair)
  • relaxe (relaxed, calm)
  • un remake (sequel)
  • des rollers (roller skates)
  • un sandwich
  • un scoop (fresh news)
  • le Scotch (Scotch tape)
  • scotché (to be riveted or glued to)
  • le scrapbooking
  • un self-service
  • une sex bomb
  • le shampooing (shampoo)
  • le shopping
  • un skatepark
  • un smoking (dinner jacket)
  • une star
  • stop
  • le stretching (yoga)
  • un string (thong or g-string)
  • un sweat or un sweatshirt (sweatshirt)
  • un t-shirt
  • un talk-show
  • un test
  • un top model
  • le top ten
  • le tuning (tuning-up/enhancing your car)
  • VIP (sometimes pronounced "veep")
  • waxer (to wax, such as a snowboard or skis)
  • les waters ("toilet")
  • le week-end
  • le zapping/zapper(zapping through TV channels)
  • zapper ("to overlook")
  • les oh my gods ("typical" American women)

Fake Anglicisms List Modifier

  • le footing (jogging)
  • relooking (makeover)
  • un talkie-walkie
  • un tennisman (tennisplayer)


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