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End of August 1985, Takeshi Murakami and Nozomu Kawazoe came from Japan to participate the Paris Open tournament. Olivier Thill wrote a small program in Basic on his compatible PC, just to be able to save this tournament. His program had no name at this time, it was only created for a specific private use. Then Olivier forgot it. Autumn 1987; Bintsa Andriani, after one year of othello tournaments, wanted to create a program for his Atari 1024 STF, to be able to save his private collection of thousands of transcripts, and asked some help from various French programers. They all refused... Laptops did not exist at this time, and nobody could understand the use of a desktop computer, that we can not bring to tournaments places. Players prefered to use their transcripts sheets (with the risk of flipping discs errors). Only Olivier Thill accepted to collaborate, and he remembered his previous program created after the Paris tournament. He adapted the compatible PC program source code and wrote another release for Atari and modified it, so that unlimited number of transcripts can be added. Olivier found a name; Manot (Management of Othello Transcripts). Then Bintsa Andriani saved the first private database of othello games during the year 1987. November 1988, the WOC was organised in Paris (lycée Henri 4, Paris, France). The French organisers used Manot to save this WOC tournament transcripts. 1989; Sylvain Quin had created a tournament program; Thor for Dos, and to improve the level, he created an opening book after selecting champions games and filtering them. Bintsa Andriani contacted him; and they agreed to merge their databases, with the condition that Sylvain does not filter anymore the transcripts. For Bintsa Andriani, every player has started as beginner. Before becoming a champion, it can be interesting to keep his first games, to learn from various styles of play. The second database was then created, and the Basic program was modified for compatible PC, in C language. The database files format changed several times. From an unique text file (messy to update !), the transcripts were separated by year and changed to binary format. It was a request from other programers who asked for separate files, sorted by year, so downloading them is easier. With modern computers, the theoretical perfect endgame scores are calculated after 24 empty squares. The Wthor database is used nowadays by all tournament players worldwide and top programers, for improvement of their evaluation functions, and win/loss statistics. A mirror site was created by Paolo Fasce and Marco Ferrando in Genova in Italy ( this mirror ftp site is not available anymore). The database is updated by several players saving the transcripts from various foreign federations.

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