Let's see how Misa Sugawara qualified to attend Gent WOC :

Fukunaga beating Kurita to become the new Ouza (literally, the throne). In the same room where they played the final another important match was played. Mami Yamanaka (female Meijin) and Misa Sugawara (All Japan ladies champion) played a one-game match to decide the female player who will go to Belgium. Sugawara won the fuseishi (guessing of the color facing up of the disc in her opponent’s hand) and chose the win in case of a draw, giving Yamanaka the choice of color. After a close game it ended in a draw! (The game finishes a 33-31 win for black with all the moves made correctly. Apparently there was a flipping error at some point.) Thus the team Japan for this year’s WOC is; Yusuke Takanashi (Meijin), Seiya Kurita (All Japan champion), Kohachi Fukunaga (Ouza), Misa Sugawara (All Japan Ladies Champion), and Akihiro Takahashi (All Japan Junior Grand Prix champion). Good luck to them all!

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