Global description Modifier

Limbs : 2 arms, 2 legs

Sensorial organs : one big eye, one mouth with weak teeth on the opposite side

Communication : "talk" to each other by gesturing in a mysterious way (see below)

Natural weapons : can smash quite hard with the hands

Natural defense : spongious skin, doesn't get easily bothered by any basic attack

Technologies : can make almost anything with Gwater (see below)

Culture : one culture for the whole planet since the continents are always moving

Diplomacy : they try to avoid any war and then tend to ignore any stranger, though they can be friendly

Military : when war is inavoidable, Niblis gather in squadrons and rush on the enemies; they sometimes use vehicles made up of mud

Mating : can have any number of children, anywhere, at anytime after they are 20 years old

Religion : none, they believe in Nature's logic

Commerce : they have no money and practice bartering

Entertainement : they like to spit mud on friends, or build things with it Modèle:-

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