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Françaises absentes à Rome...[]

KoiNonne juin 24, 2012 à 06:10 (UTC) le 3 juin 2012 03:48:30 GMT.

@Alencon : I just received this in a mail from Tatiana "i would like to tell thank you for delete my picture in wiki ,really thank you i didn t know what to do.I'm really happy,thanks for respect my decision" --kim 19:59, 27 Sep 2010 (CEST)

@Kim : I still love Tatiana because she acts in good faith even when her actions disturb people from so many different countries ;-))) One day, she says yeah... the other day she says no... It happened several times IRL and even on your wiki less than one year ago. It was just before Cambridge when she told Mathias she won't come while David told us the reverse : People from Anjar will obviously take a photo during Roma WOC and we just have to wait and see :-) --MichelAlençon 20:30, 27 Sep 2010 (CEST)

I have no idea, why you need to discuss this matter in a rather public place, but as you started to add me in that discussion, i want to explain that Cambridge example. With all due respect, David was tournament director and rather interested to extend the list of expected players than in getting the list most accurate. The main goal of a long list is to attract more players. So he interpreted it as a yes even when Tatiana was just considering. I have seen many players "changing their mind about participation" on a daily basis and I don't consider it as disturbing. I don't see a point criticizing someone for such behavior on some public platform. If you want to wait for a 100% answer before you put people on the list, then you wont have 1/4 of the players registering more than a week before the tournament. Even if Anjar takes pictures, you don't necessarily have the rights to publish the picture. And even if you have the right, you should reconsider doing it against someone's wish. Xmav000 15:24, 30 Sep 2010 (CEST)

Data base restoration

Due probably to an important bug, the full data base has been restored tonight and it's easy to check that only the last version of each entry remains. Therefore, my diff above about Cambridge works no more. The main point is this decenny (2001-2010), such as the previous decennies, could end with a French WOC title... this time a feminine one. Hooray Tatiana!!! --MichelAlençon 07:21, 28 Sep 2010 (CEST)

Waiting for paparazzi at Roma WOC[]

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 18:36 . . Andriani (Talk | block) (No censorship on the wiki. After chatting with Tatiana she agrees to let this small picture of her.)

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 18:08 . . Tom Schotte (Talk | block) (If someone really doesn't want her picture somewhere, then common sense is to respect that. I know WIKI stands sometimes with having pics yes/ no, but in this case I would like to respect her choice)

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 15:57 . . Andriani (Talk | block) (All editors, refer to "The Othello Wiki Book Project:General disclaimer".)

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 15:39 . . Andriani (Talk | block) (Tatiana is not the owner of the wiki pages. Nor the pictures. No censorship allowed !)

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 15:29 . . Xmav000 (Talk | block) (tatiana no longer uses her old nick (i think its blocked or taken). now got a new nick aynaa)

(diff) (hist) . . ! Tatiana Robert; 15:26 . . Xmav000 (Talk | block) (removed link to photo. tatiana refuses to have pictures of her online)