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Kyoko Takeda, one of the two podium-Othello-player from the seventies still officially rated in 2012, is the widow of Hajime Takeda. 4 DAN player in Japan. Best Japanese women championship: runner-up (1975). Best Feminine Meijin: 3rd (2002). First senior player to win five times out of eleven during a single EGP. Categories: Table judge WOC 1991 | Table judge WOC 2001

Since then, Yoko Sano, wife of Brian Rose, became better known and better rated.


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CloseHelp Yoko Sano Image:YokoSanoRose.jpgImage:Japan.jpg佐野 洋子 / 佐野 優司 Yoko Sano. 5 DAN player in Japan. She is married to Brian Rose. Best Japanese women championship: WINNER (1998, 1999, 2009 and 2011). Best Feminine Meijin: WINNER (2004). Best Ouza-sen: 54th (2007 and 2009). WOC participations; 1998, 1999, 2011. Categories: Four times national woman champion | Table judge WOC 2000 | Table judge WOC 2001 | Table judge WOC 2002 | Table judge WOC 2006

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